8/05/2021 Company News

Ecofin Exercises Long-term Shareholder Position to Engage Covanta Holding Corporation to Reconsider Transaction Price with EQT Infrastructure


LONDON – August 05, 2021 – Ecofin Advisors Ltd (“Ecofin”) and its affiliates sent a letter to the Board of Directors of Covanta Holding Corporation (“Covanta”) outlining why Ecofin intends to vote against the proposed acquisition of Covanta by EQT Infrastructure (“EQT”).

“We believe active engagement with portfolio companies is a key aspect in our ability to advocate positive results for all shareholders. The announcement made by Covanta on July 14, 2021, that it had entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired, was not at all surprising to us given the ongoing strategic review. However, we were very disappointed to read that the board endorsed the low offer price of $20.25 per common share. We believe that the offer price fails to capture the intrinsic value of Covanta and more importantly fails to capture the substantial value creation opportunities over the next few years”, said Michel Sznajer, Portfolio Manager at Ecofin. “As we believe the Company is on a very attractive growth and profitability path, with a much lower risk profile and attractive structural drivers over the medium to long-term, we are at a loss to understand why the board would accept to sell the Company at a price more in line with the problematic past than the bright future and at a large discount to peers despite better relative attractiveness. In continuation with the good historical relationship between Ecofin and the Company, we hope the board will engage with disappointed shareholders. Our intent in publicly sharing our views is to provide transparency to all of our investors.”

Further engagement is anticipated after receiving additional information included in the proxy materials. Read the full letter sent to the Board here.

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