Our Guiding Principles

As a steward of our clients' capital, we strive to optimize investor returns, while furthering the measurable impact of their investments, with accountability, transparency and integrity. Our systematic approach is predicated on five guiding principles:

Our affiliations

Sustainability & Impact in Action

Integration & Active Ownership

We work to integrate S&I Policy and objectives into the investment process, formalize and execute robust proxy voting procedures and enhance company engagement process and tracking

Measurement & Reporting

Ensuring transparency & credibility in methodology, findings and reporting; adopting best practices for reporting sustainable and impact investing; and establishing and maintaining a robust case study repository.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We hold ourselves to the same high standard to which we hold our portfolio companies. The firm's CSR efforts are focused on aligning our human capital and community engagement initiatives.

Sustainability Insights

Sustainability and Impact Team

Responsible for the development and implementation of the firm’s sustainability & ESG framework.